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50th Anniversary of the Tee Pee Open golf Tournament

Tee Pee Open Registration 2012 pdf

This will be the 50th annual Tee Pee Open in remembrance of Tony Duran. All tax exempt funds will be donated to Nobody’s Perfect Inc. “Delano & Friends” to promote socialization and athletics for our friends with autism and other developmental disabilities. To donate to Delano’s Story contact D. Williamson at 480-440-6696 or email dwilliamson@nobodysperfectinc.org

Delano’s Story: Tee Pee Open Registration 2012 pdf

Delano, Zippy & Kathy’s grandson was diagnosed at 15 months of age with Demylenization. This is a neurological degenerative disease of the mylen sheath surrounding the brain. The Mylen sheath is the insulating envelope of myelin that surrounds the core of a nerve fiber or axon and facilitates the transmission of nerve impulses. In the peripheral nervous system, the sheath is formed from the cell membrane of the Schwann cell and, in the central nervous system. Delano’s development was consistent with the myelin of a 9 month old baby. After several years of repeat MRI’s it became clear that Delano’s Mylen was not growing and would stay this way. As if this was not enough to deal with he was later diagnosed with Autism at 2 ½ years old. At this point the Doctors prognosis was to put him in an institution. Julie and Brandon were told that he would probably never walk, speak or have any other form of intelligence that would be past that of a 9 month old baby. Fortunately, Julie inherited Zippy’s stubborn streak and found an alternative approach to handle Delano’s condition. Delano was not put into an institution. At 3 years of age, Delano had no form of communication, his sensory system was very imbalanced and he showed no interest in life around him. He preferred to stare at waving flags, ceiling fans, his flapping hands or the dogs wagging tail. Delano did not utter a word or sound or eat solid food till he was close to 5 years of age. Brandon and Julie did not put him into an institution. They worked extremely hard with Delano. Delano is now 16 years of age and through a lot of sacrifice and a lot of patience especially the patience of his younger brother Jake age 15 years old Delano has conquered many obstacles in his life. Due to early intervention, speech, occupational & physical therapies and 30 plus hours of habilitation each week with his providers, Kim & Kelly today, Delano can read, write, spell (better than you and I), have appropriate conversations and socialize well within society. That being said, he still has a long journey ahead of him. Delano has always had a love for sports. His personal favorites are Golf and baseball as well as basketball. Julie and Brandon found difficulties finding a safe place for Delano to be able to play these sports. He was at one point to young for some or to low functioning. Nobody wanted to allow him to be a part of a team for any of these sports. So in typical Julie style she went out and started her own sports program. This is called Delano and friends sports program. It is sponsored by a wonderful non-profit agency called nobody’s perfect. Julie raises money to pay for any of these kiddos to be able to come and play with all expenses paid for. Julie knows only too well how expensive it is having a special needs son but how important it is for these kiddos to have a physical outlet. The funds raised at the Tee Pee Open, contribute to Delano’s future success and that of his friends with developmental disabilities. The Family of Delano thanks everybody for all their continuing support for Delano and all his friends.

Sincerely – Delano’s Family

Posted in News on April 25th, 2012